It’s in the imperfections

It’s a funny feeling the day you find out that your mentor isn’t infallible.  That they too make human errors, that they also have mood and also fall victim to the trials and tribulations of life.

In some ways this makes them all the more like a super hero.  For some reason they seemed impervious to the evils of the world before.  No stress was too great, their decisions were always based on immaculate logic and bad things ricocheted off their armor with a pleasant ping sound.  They always got the red point and never felt scared or disheartened on a route.  But then there is that moment when you see them take strain under immense pressure.  And you realize they are not immune to any of it.  In fact, despite wading waste deep in the trenches of life alongside the rest of us they have often made better decisions or come out with a better demeanor.  And even on the 13th hour when the stress starts to show and the sense of humor failure is more frequent, you realize that the real secret is not that they never fall or never fail.  It’s that they’re going to bounce back from it and that’s where they’re strength lies.

By illonapelser