The noodle swimming continues

“How is Cape Town treating you?”

This has been the most frequently asked question in the last week. Having been here nearly 2 months it has been enough time to send out the tendrils of roots, get my bearings and have the atmosphere of the Cape through my lungs and streaming through my veins.

My life in the cape is best described through pictures.


Many of my mornings start with a run through Newlands Forest.  A magical place to run, this large area keeps me engaged as I explore a new trail every time I go.  It leads to Kirstenbosch gardens on the one side, Rhodes Memorial on the other side and has a variety of contour paths up the mountain inbetween.  This morning I found another new treasure – a place to have a cheeky little swim post-run.  What a gem!

If I don’t have a long day at work to follow then the options are many.


Scamper up Table Mountain with Douw and co. and improve my rather limited trad experience?


Go foraging in the sea with Charlie for delectable goodies?

Explore new markets and bars with Brigitte?



Go paddling or find any other excuse to be in the water?

Find a nice spot for sundowners?

[EDIT: trying to complete this post on my phone is a lesson in frustration … to be continued once I find a computer to do so on]


By illonapelser