Seasonal cycles

Having spent the largest chunk of my life in Durbs (where there is Summer 1 and Summer 2) I think I’d nearly forgotten what it’s like to have seasons.  It has been refreshing and awe-inspiring to see the changes the Cape brings, every season somehow more beautiful than the last.  I think I now understand why the Cape Townians are known to hibernate in winter.  It’s not because the weather is as bad as they make it out to be.  It’s because you need that down time before the renewed vigor of summer keeps you burning the candle at both ends once again.  I can feel the energy steadily picking up as the temperature increases and the daylight hours lengthen.

This year has been marked as a year of learning, with a learning curve that looks like the vapor trail of a rocket ship.  New skills in everything from management to people skills to cooking to new adventures.  Every week has brought something new and challenging.

Coming to the end of a cycle, I feel like my personality and even some of my old fitness is returning.  I think about the reasons that brought me here every day.  A piece of my heart probably always will.  And although there is a tinge of sadness and longing in those thoughts, and it feels like I had to go many steps backwards before finally moving forwards again it’s been a helluva journey.  And if life is about learning then I’ve packed this year full of life.

By illonapelser