The narrow beam of grief 

It’s strange how grief sharpens your focus, how it cuts away at all the noise of our day to day life and only leaves the broad strokes.  Suddenly all the questions that you were balancing on the fence of have a black and white answer.  Suddenly small things get blurred around the edges leaving only the big things to deal with.  Suddenly seeing the ones you love trumps all obstacles in the way.  No time or money or effort features.

The daily banalities that you were only moments before fretting about melt away.  Does it really matter whether you go to that concert or not?  Are those dirty dishes in the sink even a blip on your radar?  Is that snide comment from a workmate even water off a duck’s back?  Do you even remember what time you ran this morning?  

All that matters is that person you nearly lost.

By illonapelser